Project Inequalities in health and access to social security for informal workers in Latin America, Africa and Asia project

This initiative was established as a second phase of Project Inequalities in Health, Labour and Access to Informal Workers Social Security in Latin America, now oriented in the regions of Africa and Asia. The main objective of the project is to develop a baseline of information regarding the access of informal workers to health systems and social security to augment the data collected in Latin America during the first phase of the project, with the objective of generating a global baseline information on these key issues for decision makers. This second phase is currently under development by FLACSO-Chile supported the Rockefeler (Grant 2013 THS 321) Foundation.

Calendar of Activities

Seminar Informal work in Latin America: Inequalities in access to health and social security systems

FLACSO Chile, through its program of Labor, Employment, Equity and Health, is pleased to make the Regional Meeting: "Informal work in Latin America: inequalities in access to health and social security systems" to be held on September 25 and 26 in the Prebisch Auditorium ECLAC.

The workshop has the following objectives

1 Discuss the origin and maintenance of informal work in Latin America.

2 Discuss the methodologies used for the measurement of informality and new proposals have been developed to address this phenomenon.

3 Analyze the heterogeneity that occurs between informal workers in Latin America and its relationship with the principal axes of social inequality.

4 Discuss the barriers faced by informal workers to access health and social security and the proposals that have been developed for confrontation.

5 Discuss the challenges present in the study of inequalities in access to health and social security for informal workers in different contexts.

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Date: 25 y 26 de Septiembre, 2013
Place: Auditorio Raúl Prebisch, CEPAL.
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